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Product List

Acrylic Sheet

 Acrylic Sheet
 Air Compressors
 Air Conditioning Equipment & Parts
 Air Hoses & Pneumatic Hoses
 Air Brake Valves
 Air Monitoring Equipment
 Air Handling Equipment & Accessories
 Ansil Gloves
 Automotive Switches, Belts
 Automotive Lighting and Accessories



 Battery Charges
 Blasting Grit
 Blasting & Painting Equipment
 Bolts & Nuts
 Breathin Aparatus
 Breathing Apparatus
 Butterfly Valve (Water Type & Lug Type)
 Bottle Jack


 Cables & Cable Accessories
Carbon Brush

 Cable Tester Machine
 Calibration, Casting/tubing
 Carbon Brush
 Carbon Brush Rockers
 Chemical Products
 Chains & Links
 Chain Hoists
 Cleaning Products & Equipments
 Collector Strips
 Corrosion Monitoring & Control Services
 Catering Equipment Etc
 Cabin & Codes
 Cs Fittings (But Weld & Threaded)
 Crane Accessories

Diesel Generators

 Diesel Engine Parts & Acesories
 Diesel Generators
 Diesel Fuel Pumps
 Drilling Chemicals
 Drilling Equipment & Supplies
 De-humidification Equipments
 Drill Pipes Tubing & Equipments
 D.O.L Starters
 Drilling Machines & Accesories
 D Shackles & Wire Rope Clips


 Electric Equipment & Supplies
Diesel Fuel Pumps

 Electric Motor Controls
 Electric Motor Rewinding Service
 Electrical Tension Tester Machine
 Explosion Proof Equipment
 Exhaust Pipes
 Electrical Safety And Explosion
 Proof Equipment and accessories
 Engine Anti Vibration Mounts
 Eye Wash


 Fiberglass & Fiberglass Products

 Face Shield - High temp
 Fan Belts & Hoses
 Filters - Air, Gas & Oil
 Flow Metering
 Fuel Hoses


 Gas Detectors
Grinding Machine

 Gas Turbines
 Gas and Flow meters
 Gloves - High temp
 Grounding Conatcts
 Grinding machines


 Hand Tools
Hydraulic Jack

 Hand Wash
 Helmet - High temp
 Hose fittings, clamps clips, couplings Etc
 Hydraulic Brake Cylinders
 hydraulic Jack
 High Pressure Hoses, Bunkering and
 Composite Hoses Leak Detectors
 High Pressure Fittings
 Hydraulic equipments and fittings


 Laboratory Equipment and supplies
Laboratory Equipment

 Lifting Equipments and tackles


 Machine Tools and accessories
Mechanical Seals

 Marien Electric equipments and supplies
 Mechanical seals
 Moving winches and ropes
 Machinery equipments
 Positive displacement meters
 Ms fittings (But weld & Threaded)(Ulma, Benken,  Mega,  Metalfa)
 Ms Flanges (Weld Neck, Threaded & Blind)
 Motor & Pumps
 Multipurpose Hose


 Oil spillage controls
Oil Cooler Fans

 Oil Fields equipment & supplies
 Oil and Gas tools
 Oil Hoses
 Oil Cooler Fans


 Paint spraying equipment
Pallets and Skids

 Pallets and skids
 Pipe and Pipe Fittings
 Pipe Fittings
 Pneumatic equipment
 Power Tools
 Precision Dies & Tools
 Pressure Guages
 Pressure Vessels
 Protective Clothing Supplies
 Pump & Pump parts, Mud & Cargo pumps


 Ropes & Twines
Ropes & Twines

 Rubber and Rubber Products


 Safety Equipment

stud Bolts

 Sand Blasting Equipment & Accessories
 Self starters & Alternators
 Ship spares
 Ship sore supplies
 stud bolts
 Spark Arrestors
 Sprockets & Drive Couplings
 Surveying Instruments
 Storage Boxes
 Structurel steel (Ms Plate, H Beam
 I Beam, Angle, Punch Plates, Hot Rolled...)
 Solid Rods (C35, C45, En 8, Brass, Bronze...)
 Solenoid Valves
 Ss & Ms Chains
 Ss & Ms Tubing  
 Ss Hoses  
 Silencer Mufflers  
 Semi - Auto Measuring Instruments  


 Tanks - Septic and chemical (Grp & Fibre)
 Testing & Measuring instruments
 Tubes & Tube Fittings
 Transmission Roller Chains
 Trolley Jack
 Thread Cutting Machine Technical Spares
 Traction Brush Holders


 Uninterruptible power supply (Ups)
Universal Joint Crosses

 Universal Joint crosses


Vaccum Cleaners

 Valves (Cs, Ss & Brass in all pressure ratings)  Flange type valves, Ball valves, Knife gate, Gate  valves, Etc...
 Vaccum Cleaners (Industrial & Standard)


 Welding equipments and accessories
Welding Machines

 Welding electrodes
 Welding machines
 Wind socks and fittings
 Wire rope
 Webbing sling
 Wire cutting stripping & crimping tools


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